Get Involved

There are 2 ways to financially make a difference:

Co-Laborer (I Corinthians 3:9)
Anyone who gives a contribution through EGI to help the needs of other ministries around the world is considered a Co-Laborer. 100% of all monies received from Co-Laborers are designated to the needs of other ministries - as described under our first goal. Contributions can be mailed to EGI or made online by clicking the button below.

Administrative Partner
An Administrative Partner is anyone who commits to a predetermined contribution for a one year period. The amount may be given as one sum or over a twelve month period and will go toward sustaining EGI by helping to cover our administrative costs. Administrative Partners actually "partner" with EGI through their giving. They enable EGI to fulfill its call to help unite the body of Christ as it empowers and unites other ministries. To become an Administrative Partner, please contact EGI at: