How We Operate

Uniting Believers and Empowering Ministries/Missionaries

EGI connects individuals, ministries, churches, missionaries and Christian businesses to impact our world for Christ in an unprecedented way.

EGI receives requests from verified missionaries and ministries around the world for items needed that will enable them to reach more people for Christ or better minister those already in their care. This is for specific requests or items, such as: Items needed to complete necessary repairs to a structure, medical supplies, a specified project, emergency medical treatment, beds for an orphanage, vehicles, etc. This is NOT monthly support or enablement for a group or ministry. It is the body of Christ uniting around the world to help with an unmet need to those on the front line who are already reaching out.

EGI allocates 100% of all financial gifts to the needs of verified ministries and missionaries. Therefore every individual makes a significant difference in impacting our world for Christ. Like a mutual fund, the more people who unite together, the greater number of needs can be met each month, and the more powerful our impact on our world for Jesus.

Example: If an average ministry need is $2,000

  • 10,000 giving $9 a month = 45 ministries helped = 540 ministries a year
  • 100,000 giving $9 month = 450 ministries helped = 5,400 ministries a year
  • 1,000,000 giving $9 month = 4,500 ministries helped = 54,000 ministries a year
  • Every one of your dollars impacts an average of 400 ministries in a month! So YOU help thousands of ministries in one year!

What is a verified ministry?

A verified ministry is a trusted and established point of contact. It is any missionary, ministry or church around the world that has agreed that all allotted funds will be used for the intended purpose with honor and Christian integrity. Verified ministries have approved references given to EGI and agree with the five values of EGI. A verified ministry can submit funding requests to EGI on its own behalf or on the behalf of other ministries in its local region. If a verified ministry submits a request on behalf of a non-verified ministry, the verified ministry will receive the funds and be responsible for their distribution. If a ministry does not need the amount requested, the verified ministry will send all unused funds back to EGI to help another ministry.

To become a Verified Ministry, please contact EGI.

Connecting Ministries Worldwide

EGI maintains an ever growing database of ministries and missionaries from around the world. This database provides numerous services, like grouping together similar types of ministries as well as identifying a ministry's geographic location. It allows ministries, missionaries and churches to connect with similar organizations worldwide. It also provides a way for ministries to connect with different ministries in their same regions. The ability to network with other ministries, missionaries, and churches will allow each ministry to run more efficiently and effectively. Collectively, they will be able to impact the world in an extreme way!

Helping to Promote Ministries in Their Local Regions

Most ministries struggle to become known within their local areas of influence and therefore don't make the impact they could. And most individuals don't know what ministries are available to them in their own communities, so they don't always get the help they need. One of EGI's goals is to assist in networking and promoting ministries in their own communities, so that they might have a greater impact in the world immediately around them and so that the maximum number of people may be reached.

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